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Wish the bus?
Mercedes-Benz SprintereDrive

It is possible to rent 36, 49 and 55-seat tourist type buses!

Mercedes-Benz SprintereDrive EURO 6
Passanger seats for 16+1 for guide

Environmental safety and Security
  • The engine meats EURO 6 emission standards
  • The bus engine emissions from gas is significantly reduced by nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter emissions
  • All seats are fitted with three point seat belts.
For the safety and security reasons the bus equipment involves also:
  • Automatic traction control
  • Electronic stability control
  • The crosswind assist
  • BiXenon headlights
Comforts on the bus
  • Wifi 4G (Free of charge in Estonia, abroad surcharge)
  • 12V
  • 220V
  • Air conditioning separately for each seat to suit the occupant's personal preference
  • Adjustable seats
  • LED spotlights
  • LED night lights
  • LCD cabin TV (connectable to a PC via the VGA) connector)
  • CD, DVD, DivX
  • Guide's microphone is heard from each occupant's loudspeakers
  • Interactive itinerary monitoring possibility

Passangers baggage

In the back end of the bus there is a separated modarate-capacity luggage compartement. In terms of having lot of passangers with bigger size luggage there is the possibility to have baggage trailer connected with the bus. For example having golf equipment, alpine skis, sporting goods etc all of these items can be placed securely in the bus baggage trailer.


Exterior design of the bus
The color of the bus: obsidian black metallic.
Side windows are high performance toned with double glazing.
The bus is totally advertisement-free.

Interior design of the bus
The passanger cabin is decorated with luxurious Scandinavian taste. The seats are covered with high quality velour, the headrest and the edges of the seats are covered with natural leather. You can also change the positions of the seats. Possibilities are as following: the first row seats can be rotated rearward direction and also there is the possibility to install tables between the first two rows.